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Your work is important to us, and we know how to handle it with respect.

Are you familiar with the music business?

61% of musicians can’t make a living from their music

(source: MIRA survey 2018)

What about you?



Your work is important to us, and we know how to handle it with respect. We understand that musicians know better how their work has to be treated. We strongly believe that every musician needs to have a voice and a place in today’s music industry. For that reason, we have created a record label that provides essential music services to advance an artist’s career quickly and without costing a fortune.

Our concept is simple:
Send us your music at info@alcyonerecords.com and you will get a response from our team, usually in 1 working day, with everything you need to know about working with our label.


We are with you from day one, and we can cover most of your needs, such as manufacturing, physical and digital distribution, promotion, and licensing. While our network is rapidly expanding, we continually create business opportunities for our customers regarding the exploitation of their compositions through the commercial placement of their songs in advertising, TV, films, and video games.

Show me the money:
We work on a 50/50 basis for everything we do because we have to survive as a label and you need to stand out as an artist. We collect the money on your behalf from everything we do and we deliver 50% of the profits to you by the end of every year.

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*From Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 (GMT +3)





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