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Consulting & Management:

We are aware of the needs of each member, from an artist manager to a musician. A manager always knows some extra tips, tricks, and advice to give you a boost in your music career. Speak directly to one of our experts whenever you feel you need additional guidance via our live chat box located at the bottom right of this page. And don’t forget about our closed Facebook group where only our artists have the privilege of discussing their wins, their problems, their concerns, and their worries with other like-minded fellas.
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We live in a digital age where everything has to be fast-paced; otherwise, you will lose your spot in the music scene. Working with us will make a huge difference in your image and how people view you and embrace you. Publicity and fan engagement are core elements in your music career, so don’t turn your back on them. This is your chance for success. Alcyone Records creates a stunning tailor-made campaign and distributes it to all of its partners and media channels throughout the world.

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We are working with booking agencies worldwide to find you the best slots on the bill. Get ready for your next tour now.