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Management & Artist Development:

Alcyone Records is a one-stop shop for all your music management and consultation needs. We can help you take your music career to the next level. From marketing and branding to booking shows and distribution, we have the experience and expertise to help you succeed.
Our team of experts will work tirelessly to help you achieve your musical dreams. We want you to be successful, and we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen. With Alcyone Records by your side, anything is possible. Contact us today for a free consultation.



We live in a digital age where everything has to be fast-paced; otherwise, you will lose your spot in the music scene. Working with us will make a huge difference in your image and how people view you and embrace you. Publicity and fan engagement are core elements in your music career, so don’t turn your back on them. This is your chance for success. Alcyone Records creates a stunning tailor-made campaign and distributes it to all of its partners and media channels throughout the world.

Get the attention you deserve today.


Do you want to ensure that your next tour is as successful as possible? Of course, you do. That’s why we’re here – to help you book the best gigs with the best promoters so that you can make your musical dreams a reality. Get ready for your next tour now.